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As experienced specialists in Medical/Healthcare recruitment, we understand the ins and outs of your industry – and we take the time to understand your specific job requirements too. With a huge pool of talent to draw from, you can count on LA to provide you with  the best choice of quality candidates.

Consider the following when recruiting for yourself…the costs of phone calls, preparing on-line advertisements and paying for advertising space, time spent sifting through application letters and CV’s, initial shortlisting, telephone screening, conducting candidate interviews and skills testing, writing position descriptions and person specifications, reference checking, negotiating, and managing the process with multiple candidates and internal stakeholders. At LA Medical Recruitment, we handle every aspect of the process, from placing advertisements to arranging interviews, reference checks and follow-ups. At every stage, we’ll give you honest, realistic advice on the ever-changing talent market.

There are other occasions where terminating, managing poor performance or contact negotiations may not be a skill set or desire of the practice.  The LA consultants can help with managing your team to better performance.

LA can work with your business at a macro and micro level.  We are always flexible. Our consultants can custom a package for any need you have.

LA, is designed to deliver recruitment solutions for small boutique businesses or large scale companies with mass recruitment needs. We can also assist with temporary placement of staffing needs with a dedicated ‘Temp Desk” that is there to ensure quick and reliable service to you.

At LA, we understand organisations with their own internal recruitment teams do most of their recruiting themselves. We only help when companies cannot find people, have confidential roles, when they are swamped with applications and need help with the volume or when they just need us to supplement their own recruiting for example this may occur during expanding businesses or restructuring. LA Medical Recruitment has strong candidate sourcing channels and is dedicated to finding you the best candidates. It’s all that we do. We very often work hand-in-hand with HR departments to find the best options for you.

Our fees are calculated as a percentage of the successful candidate’s salary package, and this is found in our Terms of Business which are signed by each Client/Organisation – to ensure that everyone is aware of the costs up-front.  Listing a job with us and asking us to put forward candidates for your job vacancies are at no charge – you only need to think about costs if we present you with someone that you want to appoint to your organisation.

We guarantee our services, so if things don’t work out with a candidate within the first 90 days of their employment with you, we will replace the role for FREE.

At LA Medical Recruitment, we pride ourselves on our ethical approach and we have a policy against poaching and/or head hunting.  Our goal is simply to find the right person you need, exactly when you need them.

No, we cover the cost of advertising for recruitment unless you wish to specifically brand an advertisement.

There are opportunities to advertise on our website.  Please do not hesitate do contact us if you would like to promote your business on our LA website.

The average interview takes approximately 45-60 minutes; however, this can differ depending on the role.  Each interview is based on both structured and behavioural based interview questions.

Our consultants know what questions to ask. A face-to-face meeting with your consultant is preferable as we want to understand the key “selling points” the role has to offer so we can attract the right candidates.  We can also arrange for more in depth job profiling to explore the competency requirements of the role and we can compare this to your shortlisted candidates. These assessments are an extra expense conducted by a third party, and they will require input from some of your current staff.

Our screening process is thorough. We are evaluating not only the specific skill sets and experience you’re after, but also the candidate’s character, background, and personality traits that we uncover during the interview process. Because our recruiters have such extensive industry knowledge they can accurately assess who will fit your job requirements BEFORE you take the time to meet the candidate.  In addition, we also offer a full range of Medical Administration (including Medical Typing) and Microsoft Office Suite skills testing on ALL candidates who register with LA Medical Recruitment.

If it is the first time you have worked with the consultant be realistic there will be a need for detailed discussion about the candidates before you interview them. This is to check that the consultant understands your needs and has found you appropriate candidates. As soon as you have decided you should proceed to interview, we will organise it as soon as possible.

Communication is the key; use your consultant as your advisor. Be honest with your consultant about the type of candidate you need in your business. Your consultant is operating in your market and will be able to advise you on realistic salary levels and requirements. As the market changes your needs may change, and your consultant needs to know as soon as this happens. Your consultant’s role is to find the right fit for your business and negotiate on behalf of both parties. This means that there needs to be frequent, open and honest communication between you and your consultant.

We are one of the only specialist medical recruitment agencies currently advertising on the top Internet job boards, and we also use our own website and print and social media to source candidates.

Your consultant will:

  • Prepare and place all ads
  • Manage all responses
  • Conduct relevant searches
  • Interview all candidates
  • Present a shortlist of candidates.
  • We organise these interviews on your behalf
  • Prepare candidates for their interviews
  • Follow up on candidates after the interviews
  • Inform unsuccessful candidates
  • Arrange second or third interviews with you and or other members of your company
  • Conduct all reference checks
  • Conduct negotiations on your behalf
  • Prepare letters of offer and employment contract if required
  • Manage start date

Your consultant will present you with a shortlist of candidates, and you will need to decide on whom you want to interview. We’ll do the rest!

Yes. We make it our job to know what’s going on in the market, both from the candidate and employer perspective. You can also read our latest salary guides to stay up to date with market trends.

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