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The 1% Club – Are you a member?

I can hear you say – What is the 1% Club? I have not heard of it.  Who are the members? How do you become a member? To answer your questions is not easy to be honest, and it is a little elite to join and It is almost never spoken about – so let’s look at a few ways you may enter this elite club.

All secrets cannot be told about the 1% club.  However, a few tricks can be told. So, let’s have a look at this a little more…


Tip one – you must read.

One very important attribute of 1% members is to read. You must read to be a true 1% member – You must read and then share your knowledge and empower those around you. You must always learn and look to understand your environment better. Self-improvement and a thirst for knowledge is key.


Tip Two – You must also be mentally tough.

That’s not easy and is only truly mastered by a few. It can be difficult to achieve mental strength especially on a sustainable level. Your mind muscle must be strong. First and foremost, all 1 percent members are mentally tough. Some people think they know what this means to be mentally strong. But most don’t. So, let’s first clarify the mental toughness definition – to ensure we are understanding what it really means. Mental toughness is a measure of an individual’s resilience and confidence that may predict success in sport, education, and the workplace.


Tip Three – Another 1% Club trait is that you must be able to keep a secret and be loyal.

Loyalty and trust is paramount. Lies, white lies and half-truths are unfavourable attributes. People who ‘play both sides ‘are not in the league of 1% members as they are slippery and not trustworthy. I’m sure we all know a person who says one thing and does another. Better still, 1% members can see those who people who mistake silence for weakness around a lie. Those who fail to disclose all the truth but think telling you something will absolved them from being caught out are not 1% Club members.


Tip Four – look and be inspired by others and learn from those around you.

I read an article the other day and the messages were clear and obvious. They were simple and strong. They were inspirational and indeed true. It was a true reflection of the 1% Club mindset and character.

LaRae Quy wrote this great piece and she was the only female FBI agent in her squad. Her inspirational story on mental toughness and mindset and descriptive writing about character was simply amazing.  She said, Success is inexorably linked to the choices You make regarding attitude and subsequent actions. Often, the choice You made to kick yourself into high gear rather than relying on someone else to do the kicking. Self-imposed high performance is very hard to maintain. It is a common attribute with successful people.

Demanding the best standards for yourself and others around you is a critical factor in success and should never be compromised. It is a determining factor of success.  At times you will feel isolated or alone with this governing mindset – Or on occasions you may even question yourself and your sanity. But 1% Club members have this mastered.

In this great article she wrote about what – what’s makes a woman Successful. She described several characteristics of success as follows.


Successful Women Never Ignore Their Fears

If you want to move up, and ahead, you need to confront your fears head-on. Never waste valuable energy trying to avoid them; instead, use mental toughness to manage your thoughts, emotions, and behaviour in ways that will set you up for success in business and life.

Suppressing a negative feeling only gives it more power, fuelling our fears and slowing us down. In fact, trying to control what we fear will increase the likelihood it will happen.


Successful Women Never Run from Conflict

As a female FBI agent, there were times she was burned by conflict, criticism, and unfairness—just like everyone else. The difference is that She did not cower into accommodating others to avoid enduring those negative feelings again.

People who shy away from conflict assume that conflict always looks aggressive, overbearing, and disrespectful. This is not true because conflict can camouflage itself in many forms. We need to be alert for any behaviour from others that is attempting to manipulate our emotions or thoughts. Once we recognize conflict for what it is, we make a choice on how we respond to it, rather than react out of fear or ignorance.


Successful Women Never Listen to Their Inner Critic

Very good advice as she describes the need to nip that inner critic in the bud and eliminate inner voices of doubt and anxiety. She did this by choosing to focus her attention on positive feedback and constructive criticism—limited as it might be at times.

Mental toughness is being able to control how your mind thinks, rather than letting your mind control you. The key is learning how to manage your emotions with self-talk and using the right (and positive) words when controlling your thoughts.


Successful Women Never Expect Perfect Circumstances

Forget about finding the perfect job or waiting for perfect conditions before making a leap. Learn to differentiate between the pain of growing and the pain of suffering.

It’s easy to say that conditions are poor, nothing is going your way, and that you’ve been dealt an unfair hand. These are all excuses as you move further down the road of surrender.

Use what is at your disposal to keep moving forward in life—take a tip from MacGyver and learn to make the best of your situation. Mental toughness is approaching your circumstances with the right perspective and not expecting a break.


Successful Women Never Look at Their Past as A Mistake

She admitted to making a lot of mistakes as a new agent. At times she said it was embarrassing, but She always vowed to learn from each one of them.

Some mistakes from our past can be painful or bad, but instead of wallowing in misery, look at them as opportunities to learn something that you didn’t know before it happened. Walk beside friends and colleagues who have made mistakes—you can learn from them, too.

The past does not define us, it simply prepares us for our journey toward success and wisdom.


Successful Women Never Miss Opportunities to Shine

She knew that many times the best way to be successful was to do what others were unwilling to do.

Identify those things that others hesitate to take on. It can be small and simple—it doesn’t matter. Whatever it is, do it well and you will instantly differentiate yourself from the pack.

Then keep going because you never know where it will lead; often, we don’t know what opportunity looks like until we’re closer to it.


Successful Women Never Fail to Keep Their Cool

No matter her situation, she knew she was in total control of her life.

Many people make excuses for themselves by saying luck determines whether they are successful or not. Mentally strong leaders are in control of their own luck because they see success or failure as something over which they are in control. Luck may have had some role in their present circumstances, but they don’t waste mental energy by worrying about what might happen.

Control your own luck by seizing opportunities to improve your life and situation. The result will either be a lucky break, or the regret of a road not taken.


Successful Women Never Fail to Do Their Research

It was always important to her be honest and truthful. Most importantly fuel your mind with knowledge and ensure a precise understanding of your topic. When She interviewed a suspect, she made sure She knew what She was talking about.

When you are meeting with potential investors, clients, or customers, make sure you know what you are talking about—know where the landmines are before you open your mouth.

Do your homework; be polished, poised, and prepared.


Successful Women Never Say Quit

No matter how hard the investigation or how difficult the assignment, “quit” was the only four-letter word She never used in her 24 years with the FBI.

When you say “quit” or “can’t,” you are sacrificing ownership and control over your attitude and behaviour. It shows you have created your own boundaries. When you say quit, you are sending a message about your fear of failure and a lack of grit in testing your limits.

LaRae Quy was an FBI undercover and counterintelligence agent for 24 years. LaRae is the author of “Secrets of A Strong Mind” and “Mental Toughness for Women Leaders: 52 Tips to Recognize and Utilize Your Greatest Strengths.” See her site and follow her on Twitter @LaRaeQuy.