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Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Don’t wait for tomorrow because that will become today.  Today is yesterday’s tomorrow!

Did you waste the opportunity or make the most of it?  Wasting time or a wasted yesterday is all too common in the workplace.  Unfortunately, it is all too common in life.  When the game of life is finally over, there is no second chance to correct our errors or to achieve the goals you set yourself.

The clock is ticking away at moments of our life and each and every day the lesson is to maximize your opportunities and value each and every day and moment of your life – even those moments that seem so insignificant.

Your life is full of chances and opportunity.  Your professional life is much the same.  Treat it with care, value your time.  Take your chances.

There will be a tomorrow, a next week, a next month and a next year, but unless you develop a sense of urgency, each of those moments and opportunities will or could be lost.  Remember though, there is not an endless supply.  So, as you think of your dreams and goals of your future “tomorrow”, take those very important first steps to making them all come to life…TODAY.