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Want to think like a millionaire? Here are some tips!

Usually the high-end paying jobs are not traditionally 9-5 work days, with weekends off and 4 weeks annual leave.  Today’s wealthy people are those who are self-employed, ambitious, savvy and risk takers – but most importantly hard workers.  It is a common thread with these individuals that they share similarities with mindset or routine.

They read, but usually non-fiction – self education and the consistent desire to learn is a very common trait amongst successful people.  Learning about your worked and continual education is valuable.

They love technology and embrace it.  You need to stay ahead of your competition and one of the best ways to accomplish this competitive edge is knowing what new technologies are available and gain an understanding of technological advancements that can make improvements to your business.

Understanding your industry, is not enough.  Neither is knowing.  Being a subspecialist in your industry is also not enough.  You need to not only know how industry back to front, but understand external market forces that could impact on your industry.  You must be able to blend information.

Always walk the extra mile.  This is self-explanatory.  The most common trait successful people have is they all walk the extra mile compared to those around them.  Whether they wake early or study more or practice their sport more, they all do it.  The most successful are those that are not afraid to give up their nights and weekends to study and work.

You have to focus.  Focus, focus, focus – mastering a skill and training yourself takes time and energy, but never give up.  Always stay focused.  The great people of this world do this!