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What makes LA great recruiters?

It’s simple – we understand recruitment.

  • Hiring candidates is no easy task. You must ardently search for and recruit potential candidates, screen them, and prepare them for the interview and create a smooth placement process.  It is our responsibility to make sure we get the best match possible.  LA is focused on delivery and getting it right the first time.  We don’t make things unnecessarily complicated.
  • LA Medical Recruitment Consultants take the time to know and understand your needs. For example, job descriptions are creative and custom made. The dry and generic job description advertisement is over.  LA consultants take the time to make sure each advertisement is unique.  We know that a poorly drafted job description can deter potential candidates and rapidly chase away business.
  • The Directors of LA spend time on the detail of the business. In short, they take responsibility for day to day operation and ensure the business is well managed and performance is of a high standard each and every time. The Directors are well connected and have access to a huge network they operate in – which is great for LA.
  • At LA, we have a huge network to rely upon for candidate reference checking and this is truly our advantage. We screen all our candidates and assess past performance accurately.  We also have access to the best in house testing software and our LA Testing is rigorous. Our consultants are very good with people and assessing talent.
  • Attracting a diverse pool of talent with a versatile skill set is challenging. We encourage candidates to take responsibility about past employment history.  We challenge candidates on their strengths and weaknesses.  We look for honesty and professional maturity with relevant experience in the chosen field.
  • It is important at LA that we provide follow up. We understand at LA how crucial follow up is in recruiting.  We value and appreciate all our candidates and clients time.  It is important to us at LA to understand each step of the process.  We are excellent communicators and follow up is all part of our service.
  • We are diligent in our ‘Search Process’

  • LA utilises and understands ‘Time’ for your needs and job application

  • Utilise every connection and business network for your advantage

  • LA believe in diversity of talent, skill sets and honesty

  • We are meticulous in our communication and follow up