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Why at LA we choose to use Social Media to help our business grow

The power of social media

Why at LA we choose to use Social Media to help our business grow.

  • Did you know that Instagram has over 400 million active users worldwide? And we think at LA that is a whole lot of talent waiting to be connected with. And Facebook – well its millions and millions of people…. And did you also know that 60% of the social media population log in more than once a day.  Interestingly the demographic of Facebook and Instagram are quite different with 90% of Instagram users are under the age of 35.
  • At LA, we believe we are creative and resourceful and we are mindful of keeping on top of searching for talent. Social Media is a great platform for us at LA to communicate and keep in touch with our world.  It also allows us freedom to explore and meet new people and for them to meet us.
  • In fact, increasingly more cases are occurring where by recruiters are losing good candidates because they are not tapping into the social media world. Conversely, candidates are losing opportunities because they too are not exploring the digital world.
  • We read the comments at LA on our social media pages. It’s a causal connection that proves valuable for us in keeping in contact with our database.  It’s amazing how many people have said to us they found us on social medial searches. At LA, we do move it offline very quickly with respect to our professional services however we love keeping our LA community up to date with LA with our fun social media platforms.

Social media can be a very useful tool for business growth and development. COME AND VIST US ON FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITER AND LINKEDIn.

PLEASE NOTE –  At LA we do not condone social media bullies, trolls or any form of intimidation or negative social media behaviour.